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Michelle Rounds


Voice Work is often connected to emotions, thought patterns and old, false beliefs so

please be aware that some healing work may be relevant and beneficial in your session.


For singers, musicians, actors, speakers, teachers, lecturers - those that are using their voices

professionally - to enhance, support, strengthen, stabilise and maintain excellent voice quality

and control.  All techniques for singers covered regardless of genre.


For anyone who has been told they can't sing, they sound awful, they should only

hum .......COME release these beliefs and be yourself,

let your spirit soar and free your voice in a fun, loving and supportive session.


Be gladdend as you realise you DO sound beautiful and always will.


Michelle and the student are on camera for voice lessons.

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Cairo Jazz Festival 2016



Jazz vocalist, Michelle Rounds, is a 3rd generation professional

singer/songwriter of Pacific Island heritage


 She covers many genres and is renowned for her courageous and

versatile scatting. With a wide vocal range she continually delights her audiences with spontaneous creativity and superb musicianship.


"a unique and wonderfully exotic experience for all audiences ......."


Based in Cairo, Egypt







January 2020 – present : Official live streamer for Livit

June 2020 - present Official Artist on experiencit for private performances


5 June – pre-recorded performance for Musiconnect Asia via facebook

30 April – live performance for Amman Jazz Festival via facebook

3 X live performances for International Jazz Day via Livit

31 March – live performance for LiveMusicJo on Instagram (supporting

live music in Jordan)

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