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Michelle Rounds

Hello, and thank you for being interested in my energy work ~ which is to assist all beings in achieving

their highest and best potential in this lifetiime, living in joy and freedom using the vibration of LOVE.

I will guide you through the simple exercises that remind you of how it feels to

truly love yourself, even if you are not conscious of ever having done so.

Mastering this is easy and is massively empowering,  giving emotional and spiritual stability.

You will know how to energetically protect yourself and become grounded at will.


As a compassionate and powerful healer and reader I am helping humans to re-learn self love.


For sound seekers, I nurture you in finding your 'voice' whether to simply speak up and be heard!

or for professional speakers, lecturers, actors, singers, musicians. Your voice is key to what you attract

and how you use it is critical to your wellbeing. You will have a chance to find the grounding and freeing tone

that best suits you, and which you can use at all times. You will also find and keep your 'song',

be it a single note or a small melody, this will be your personal vibration and will be created by you, to perfectly match your frequency.  We find this together and I'll show you how to change it to suit your own

growth and higher purposes.


The hour session is holistically suited to each individual's own needs and desires, and you leave feeling freer, empowered and enlightened. Come love yourself and sing your joy!


Oracle sessions are available on an exclusive and limited basis for selected healers.



Because the majority of those seeking guidance are high level light workers, Michelle is often referred

to as 'the healer's healer'. She is descended from lines of healers and readers from both sides of her family and actively began sharing her readings in Kyushu, Japan, in 2003 where she lived for 5 years, before moving to

Egypt in 2008.  Based in Cairo, she travels the world performing, reading, and teaching.


She gives sessions via Messenger, Whatsapp or Line and also in person.

Her full schedule of dates and countries is available on request. With LOVE .....

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