BLISS 2021

Michelle’s Notes : I am filled with gratitude for the love, support and trust from each and every person involved with this album from 2002 to the present. I love and appreciate you, most especially Felix for such sensitive and powerful songs, I LOVE singing what you write – Henry for knowing, knowing how and what and for instantly feeling us and being able to express that in sound! And dear Sulu, for your unwavering trust and appreciation for my craft – love and blessings to all …….

Felix’s Notes : The songs were inspired and came to life because of you (Michelle). Your experience and the conversations we had, led to words being put to music. But you brought the words to life with the way you interpreted the melodies and I am grateful you considered me worthy to work with and to be a part of your journey. Henry is an amazing and talented guru. If there is an electronic version of Mozart, it’s Henry Foon!

Henry’s Notes : These songs were recorded on a Roland VS880 Eight Track recorder with sounds from a Yamaha RS7000 and Korg Triton and using a Rode mic and Shure SM58.

Suluo Daunivalu’s Notes : We are excited to be involved in this ‘Fijian’ production, the value of which was firstly recognized by our generous spirited Samoan sister, Elvira Sheffield, and then finally mastered by our wonderfully talented Egyptian brother, Ali Farouk! A truly collaborative work encompassing the spirit and tenets of all we stand for at the Tapa Foundation. We have been particularly thrilled to be working with the iconic Pasifikan jazz diva, Michelle Rounds, and we look forward to further involvement with her future productions. We are proud of the interpretations of Felix Chaudhary’s beautifully written compositions by the artistically innovative Henry Foon and the wonderful contributions from our island musicians, George, Kuki and Victor. As the Owner and Curator of The Museum Of Pacific And Oceanic Arts Gallery in Riga, Latvia, I am personally delighted to be the Executive Producer of this album and wish you all happy listening to our great Fiji-made sounds. Enjoy !

•Sponsored by Suluo Daunivalu ~ The Museum Of Pacific And Oceanic Art Gallery (Riga, Latvia, 2021)
•Supported by Pulotu Elvira Sheffield ~ Polyphony Entertainment (Sydney, Australia, 2002)

credits – released July 1, 2021

1. Turn Me On – (Felix Chaudhary)
2. Friday Night – (Felix Chaudhary)
3. And My Heart Goes – (Felix Chaudhary)
4. Can’t Buy Me Love/Sega Ni Voli Nadodomo – (Paul McCartney/Michelle Rounds)
5. Standing In The Rain – (Tui Ravai/ Michelle Rounds)
6. Don’t You Know – (Felix Chaudhary)

Michelle Rounds – all vocals
Felix Chaudhary – Rap on AND MY HEART GOES
Henry Foon – all programming, recording & keys
George Knight – guitar on TURN ME ON
Apakuki Nayacakalou – guitar on FRIDAY NIGHT
Victor Rounds – bass on DON’T YOU KNOW

Programming, recording, editing and mixing – Henry Foon (Sydney, Australia 2002)
Mastering – Ali Farouk (Blue Mango Studios – Cairo, Egypt 2021)

all rights reserved