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started in Sydney, Australia, where I was born ! My father was a professional singer, guitarist and composer and his mother, our Nana, was also a professional singer and multi-instrumentalist – later we moved to Suva, Fiji, and I first sang (or tried to sing !) Garota de Ipanema at what was then Biddy’s Steakhouse (later Traps) with the wonderful Ray Singh on piano.  Living in Aotearoa (NZ) and Japan was followed by our current base in Cairo, Egypt, from where I beam out love and light to all !

Am currently writing lyrics for “Orange” which is composed by the fabulous Guitarist Suzuki and for which I am somewhat behind schedule – let’s go for a January 2023 release and in the meantime you can subscribe to my quarterly newsletter which comes out only four times a year, so you won’t be inundated !

Here’s the podcast which is fun, and each episode is less than 10 minutes! Financial support for ongoing recordings can be made here Buy Me A Cup Of Tea  and it’s with love and gratitude that we send you best wishes for a wonderful 2023 – Ali and Michelle


MICHELLE ROUNDS, is a singer, composer, recording artist, professional live streamer, voice instructor and, Consultant to AMMAN JAZZ FESTIVAL.




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