Drinking alone in one’s room at night is a very common past time in Japan, and this was the theme of the composer, Guitarist Suzuki. RHYTHM OF THE EVENING We love his work ! gratitude and love


RHYTHM OF THE EVENING ~ © Michelle Rounds 2021

Run, I loved to run my hands through your hair
And listen to the rain as we sat upon the stair
Your head against my chest, soft night air
Those times were the best, but now you’re not there

Sometimes I’d see my father’s smile in his eyes
They’d twinkle as he held out my surprise
I’d climb into his lap, upon our favourite chair
And fall asleep but now, he’s not there

Rhythm of the evening
Swirling in my room
Settling in my solitary glass
A rhythm that beats slow
But steady as the glow
Fades into the gloom

I think of all the sweetest love that was made
My life just rattles slowly through my brain
The lips, the hands, the laughter feels the same
But faces disappear like my dying cigarette

Here on my own, just a glass, a candle’s valiant flame
Until the night can pass
The rhythm of the evening always pulses just the same

Lost in the sweet soft swirling dregs
With every sip I take, the memories fight to wake
But the rhythm of the evening washes all of them away


released February 28, 2022
Guitarist Suzuki ~ composition and guitar
Michelle Rounds ~ lyrics and vocals