Our third collaboration : Guitarist Suzuki and Michelle Rounds

ginger jam, buttered scones
a bee rests on a marigold
Seville is warm
Orange is my name
could there be another
similar or same

sunset viewed from the surf
persimmons sway serenely as
they dry in the air
saffron in those tiger eyes that
glisten below a wet amber moon

marmalade my love?
could it be your name is Orange too?
amber in a box – of carrot coloured
chocolate thins

marmalade my dear?
with a twist of ochre on my tongue
and holding back the keys
to a heart that’s more than open

if we try, to decide my dear
if the pumpkin head is all you need
or if love is orange too

Lemon, lime, mandarin, yuzu in a sorbet
or a tea as you may
Orange is the game, little hues of salmon
patterned or plain

Chestnuts glow in the fire, while sweet potatoes sear and pop
Their coral insides warm and luscious spurting hot and bubbling in our giggling orange gobs


released 26 October 2023

Cover art – Ivan Belov
Cover photo – dragonfly – Liz Suenaga

Guitarist Suzuki – composition, guitar and all music
Michelle Rounds – lyrics and all vocals