A bright and happy song about the joy of love, where the seasons are twisted in a gentle chorus symbolising the nature of such a love and how it still harmonizes despite seeming inconsistencies. Nothing but love, just love 💙


They met on a live streaming app in 2020 – Michelle loved his originals and offered lyrics for Into The Sky. He sent her his music files from Japan and she sent him her vocals from Blue Mango Studios, Egypt.
Welcome ~ to the beginning of something wonderful!
Enjoy 💎 Suluo Daunivalu
Executive Producer
Management and Representation of Michelle Rounds

Photography : Yoshie (Japan) & Mahmoud Hussam Ghanem (Egypt)
Kumamoto Sky : Lizzie Suenaga
Cover Design : Ivan Bitov (Latvia)


INTO THE SKY (lyrics © Michelle Rounds ~ Oct 2020)

Your love has thrown me, completely blown me
out into the sky (into the sky)
Like a twisted kite string, it feels like you fling me
out into the open sky
I bounce around from cloud to cloud,
You swing me laughing high and loud, into the blue (Oh so you)
If ever I should touch the ground I know you’ll scoop me up and toss me high again,
the way I always want to be, for the love of you

A simple smile and my heart is leaping
up into the sky Your hands support me,
we dance like birds soaring out into the open sky
We bounce around from cloud to cloud
In turn both laughing high and loud, into the blue (Love so true)
If ever we should brush the ground our dragonflies will sweep us up and keep us aloft,
ever and always
For the love of we

Moonlight and starshine guide us,
Wrapped in the wintery warmth of love
A lonely silver beam will lead us
where twinkling fireflies are toasting
autumn’s passionate springtime love


released August 19, 2021
Mixed & Mastered by Guitarist Suzuki at Piropiro Studios
all music and guitar – GUITARIST SUZUKI
all vocals and lyrics – MICHELLE ROUNDS