Released 2023-09-25

Inspired by our dear friend, Fatma. Her beautiful artwork entitled “Releasing The Blue Tablier” (live at her exhibition in Cairo)

When picture meets sound! A beautiful, spontaneous collaboration between Fatma Ibrahim and Michelle Rounds for the Shedding a Light on Silence Initiative Shedding a light on silence نَوَّر الصمت
التحرر من المريلة الزرقاء – لابسة مريلتي الزرقا
عندما تلتقي الصورة بالكلام! تعاون بين فاطمة إبراهيم وميشيل راوندز لمبادرة نَوًر الصمت.

In “Releasing The Blue Tablier” Fatma depicts the release of childhood and oppressive constraints beyond the limits of the blue school uniform – a double meaning since blue is also the color of expression. With a raw and beautiful melody Michelle depicts the everyday story of what happens beyond closed doors. The story is almost always the same regardless of who did it: silence, confusion, lack of support, loss of innocence and much more between the lines and in the colors.
في لوحتها “التحرر من المريلة الزرقاء” تصور فاطمة التحرر من أثار القهر والقيود  more


The Blue Apron

I wear a blue apron, it covers my clothes
He holds me so gently and tickles my toes
I wear a blue apron behind a closed door
But I am only 4

I wear my blue apron while holding his hand
We play in the garden and jump in the sand
He does things with my body I don’t understand
But I’m 5 now, I know how it goes

I wear the blue apron to classes I go
He fondles me, I am his true love we know
I wear my blue apron his coffee I’ll fix
But I am only 6

I wore my blue apron when he went away
They said he’d be gone for much more than a day
They said if I’m good I can see him in heaven
I remember, that’s when I was 7

Now I am grown and I start to recall
The things that he did to me when I was small
My grandfather loved me but surely they knew
That he never should be left with a girl of just 2

Now as I try to make sense of the past
I see my protector used me up till the last
No one stood by me, not one could be brave
My innocence nobody dared to try save


released September 25, 2023
Michelle Rounds